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DHS - Quarter 3 (Q3) Direct Care Workforce Payments

The DHS will be directing MCOs to make Quarter 3 (Q3) Direct Care Workforce payments to all participating providers. DHS will be providing the MCOs with the final list of providers as well as some communication templates this week. DHS understands the attestation process has been a learning experience for providers. Q2 Attestation completion results were much better after the extension to February 15th. However, 623 providers (12.8%) still had not accurately completed the Q2 Attestation Report after the extension. These providers will not be eligible for Q3 payments based on the DCW provider agreements.

The DHS is committed to enforcing the Attestation Report requirement for Q4 payments. Providers will need to complete the Q3 Attestation Report by April 30th to be eligible for the Q4 payments.

The Department wants to work with MCOs, providers, and provider associations to identify ways to improve Attestation Report compliance and accuracy. The Department will hold a conference call with the Direct Care Workforce Funding Workgroup on March 26th to discuss possible reasons for non-compliance and to identify next steps.

MCOs will send out the attached Q3 training tool to all participating providers. MCOs will also send non-compliant providers a notification with the Q3 payment informing the provider they are out of contract compliance and will not be eligible for Q4 funding if they do not complete the Q3 Attestation Report.



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