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Wisconsin's Safety and Weight Enforcement Facility (SWEFM) Maintenance Program

The Wisconsin Safety Weight and Enforcement Facility Maintenance(SWEFM) Program services were started in the spring of 2001. The State of Wisconsin, Department of Transportation, Division of State Patrol and Division of Transportation Infrastructure Development, Bureau of Highway Maintenance (BHM) administers the program. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) contracted with Disability Service Provider Network (DSPN), a statewide private not-for-profit association of over fifty Community Rehabilitation Programs, to provide the program management services for Wisconsin's Rest Area Maintenance and Safety Weight and Enforcement Facility Maintenance Program.

Presently, thirteen (13) Safety Weight and Enforcement Facilities (SWEFs) are in operation. All of the SWEF facilities are staffed by State Patrol and are used to monitor motor carrier weights and perform safety inspections. The SWEFM Program provides for the janitorial and landscape maintenance and minor facility repair services for buildings, walks, plantings and grounds. The area of work is generally within the developed portion of the facility, which requires manual labor. These contracts include all labor, equipment and supplies necessary to meet the requirements set forth in the program. The maintenance service that requires heavy equipment has been excluded from the contracts and continues to be provided under separate contract (normally with the appropriate County Highway Department).

DSPN's responsibilities under the SWEFM Program include the following:

DSPN is responsible for inspecting work sites, implementing continuous quality improvements, accounting for program revenue and expenses, overseeing repair and remodeling projects, and other management activities to ensure that clean, fully functional sites are provided to WisDOT. DSPN works cooperatively with the BHM and the State Patrol to perform these services.

  • Quality Assurance of Custodial and Landscape Services

  • Annual Work Program Development and Implementation

  • Accounting and Record Keeping

  • Service Provider Technical Support

  • Contract Development and Compliance

  • Project Management

  • Communication and Recommendations Which Support Facility Management

Service Provider Responsibilities

The janitorial and landscape maintenance services are provided by Service Providers. Their responsibilities include:

  • Janitorial services for the weight facility, internal and external. Litter pick-up for the entire area. Provide all janitorial supplies including toilet paper, paper towels, soap and trash liners.

  • Lawn mowing and landscape maintenance inside parking areas, around building, and other areas as detailed on the mowing site plan.

  • Minor repair and maintenance services for building and grounds. Provide all light bulbs, water softener salt, and furnace filters.

  • Oversee professional service contractors working on site, such as repairing HVAC, septic pumping, plumbing, and sump pump repairs. These contracts are separately set up by the Department of Transportation (WisDOT).

  • Report any major repair needs to the WisDOT Bureau of Highway Maintenance Engineer.

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